Brett Albertson, Easley football center #75 selected as Scholar-Athlete! #Easley #ProudParents

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Our son, Brett Albertson, who is the Easley High School Green Wave center, #75, was selected as Glenco Foam / WMYA-40 Scholar-Athlete for the first week of their 2012 program!

Brett’s not just a football player, he’s amazingly smart too!  Guess you can tell we are proud of him!

At the end of the season, they will select a student to receive a scholarship prize. Sure would be awesome if Brett were to be chosen!

Next up, determining what university has the most to offer Brett…  So far, he has been invited as a recruit to Furman and Citadel. Brett is interested in engineering, so both of these schools have something other than football as a draw.  Admittedly, Citadel is has an edge regarding their school of engineering.

Any thoughts or comments?

2 thoughts on “Brett Albertson, Easley football center #75 selected as Scholar-Athlete! #Easley #ProudParents

  1. Marc and I both think he would do exceptionally well at the Citadel. Football isn’t front and center like at some other institutions but he will get a great education and have life long contacts with many of our future’s movers and shakers.

    Plus this will give all of us more reasons to go to Charleston!

    • Thank you for your reply!

      I love the idea of Brett attending Citadel for many reasons too! He would make a great addition to their football program, that goes without saying, but also, academically, they have a lot to offer him, since he is on an engineering track.

      We have visited their school a number of times, and Brett has been to a recent game as a recruit. There is nothing that we don’t like…

      Pamela completed the application and it has been submitted.

      We still should look at other universities I believe, maybe five total, then rank them in order of what is best for Brett, then rank them for which schools have a great match athletically, compare the two rankings and see what comes out on top.

      Thanks again for your input, it means a lot to us as we travel along a new path!


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