Boo 2 – Tribute to Kevin Earnest

Kevin N. Earnest (1966 – 1996)

Kevin Earnest was my first husband’s roommate in college and we became friends as well.  He was in our wedding in November 1988 after we graduated Clemson that year.  Kevin commissioned to the Air Force and married a lovely girl from Mississippi, Carol.  In 1996, we were living in Summerville, SC, near Charleston, and Kevin and Carol came to visit us August 9th, 1996.  We showed them our house under construction and went out to dinner together.  Brett had recently celebrated his first birthday and Kevin gave him a stuffed bear that Brett named “Boo”.  Kevin, an AF Pilot, had the pilot call name of “Boo-Boo” from Yogi Bear!  

Nine days after this visit with Capt. Kevin in 1996, he was killed when the C-130 he was piloting crashed into a mountain in Jackson, WY, immediately after take off.  Kevin and the 8 others on board perished as they were flying President Clinton’s camping gear out of Jackson, WY, following President Clinton’s 50th birthday celebration.  Needless to say we were devastated when we heard this news.  With 2 small children, we couldn’t make the trip at the time to Kingsport, TN for Kevin’s funeral.  I never forgot Kevin or his infectious smile as I was reminded every day when I saw Brett with his bear, Boo.  

Boo today…

The cargo plane was carrying baggage and equipment supporting the president during a nine-day vacation in Wyoming. Two to three minutes after taking off, at 11:48 p.m. Mountain time, the C-130 crashed into the side of 11,300-foot Sleeping Indian Mountain at an elevation of about 10,600 feet, officials reported. (DoD News, August 27, 1996)

Well Boo was around until Brett went off to college at 18.  He obviously couldn’t take him to The Citadel!  Kevin was an engineer major at Clemson and ironically Brett studied Civil Engineering at The Citadel and then commissioned into the Air Force.  He has since married the love of his life and has plans to be a career AF family.

A few weeks ago, as my husband John and I were beginning to plan our trip out west for a vacation (Covid Isolation Vacation), I mentioned that it would be so nice to find the memorial marker in Jackson Hole, WY as we were going to be passing through there.  John started researching to find the marker and was unsuccessful with any directions online.  He emailed the police department that has jurisdiction in that area and got a response with some written directions but they did not have coordinates.  Okay, we were committed to finding the Memorial and set out to purchase a new “Boo” for Brett to take with him on his upcoming deployment.  I felt that Kevin might continue to watch over Brett with the bear.  The first Boo is currently barely hanging on in rags at nearly 25 years old.

This past July 8th, we were planning to find the Memorial marker as we were passing through Jackson, WY, on our way to visit Yellowstone National Park.  We found the first road mentioned in the directions that were sent to John in email. “Go down Canyon Campground Road and pass the Campground”. We’d found Sleeping Indian Mountain, or Sheep Mountain, where the crash took place and I knew that the Memorial faced that mountain in the Tetons.  

Sheep Mountain, or Sleeping Indian Mountain

The road became a gravel, washboard like road, and we continued up the one lane road winding our way up the mountain.  

I was driving and rather apprehensive that this was going to turn out well, but John just encouraged me to continue onward.  We reached the top of the mountain past the campground as instructed and there was a small yellow sign that said “Warning, do not continue on this unimproved road without 4 wheel drive”. 

Now I’m very worried as my new Mazda CX5 was not a 4 wheel drive by any means, but John reminded me that it was an All Wheel Drive.  We switched drivers when I refused to go any farther and John continued up the mountain.  The road was so “unimproved” that at one point 2 opposite tires were off the ground … but we continued.  A bit further up the mountainside, a couple passed us on a rented dune buggy type vehicle and commented that they’d help us if we got stuck but they later passed us on their way back down. 

Severely unimproved road

We finally reached the top of the mountain and there was no memorial plaque in sight!  John pulled out the directions again which stated to go to the left at the trailhead.  Well there was a hiking trail to the left – to the right was a gate closing off the path. 

I threw on a sweatshirt and grabbed the bear and we started hiking up the path.  Honestly we had difficulties at this point since we are over 9500 feet and the air is dry and thin.  We walked at least ½ mile up until it became obvious that nobody would have put a Memorial marker THIS difficult to find.

We started our descent back down to our car and at one point 3 men passed us.  I asked if they’d by chance seen a memorial marker – Nope!  At least we had a better idea that we were on the wrong path.  Disappointed, we drove back down to the start of the trail head. I was so relieved to be out of the “severe road” conditions!  John noticed that we were so focused on the sign and getting up the difficult path that perhaps we should have taken another road at that point.  I was not wanting to attempt another path but John convinced me that we’d made it this far…so we got back in the car.  The road was not as bad, but difficult none-the-less.  We did pass a beautiful waterfall – calming at least!

We continued down this dirt road passing a few campers and around a corner… to the left we saw it, finally, The memorial!

 Memorial with Sheep Mountain in the background photographed with Boo 2

Although it was obviously an emotional time, I was also very happy to have found the memorial.  I could hear Kevin laughing over our many hours of searching…. Seriously!!  For whomever wants to also find this and you make it up to the “Warning” sign, don’t go that way, take the path to the left.

I believe the GPS coordinates are: 43.521739, -110.626613

It’s in the middle of nowhere and a 4×4 or at least a higher clearance car/suv would be advised.
DO NOT GO from December through May – the roads are likely closed.

Thanks for the great adventure, Kevin!

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Update: July 19, 2023, Brett Albertson was able to hike to the wreckage marker at the base of Sheep Mountain.

Capt Kevin “Boo boo” Earnest, USAF:

My dad’s college roommate, and friend to my entire family .

Shortly after my first birthday, in August of 1996, Kevin came to Summerville, SC to visit my parents and gave me a stuffed bear I conveniently named “Boo”. Nine days later Kevin was killed when his C-130 crashed into Sheep Mountain.

Almost 27 years later I finally got the chance to visit the crash site of Kevin’s plane and see the memorial.

While I may not be able to shake his hand, I was still able to enjoy a PB&J with his memorial as I took in the incredible view of the Tetons.

Capt Earnest, from one Air Force Captain to another… fair winds and following skies I’ll get that hand shake one day.

Wreckage site marker… Sheep Mountain (Sleeping Indian) Summit

Take Flat Creek Road to the first trailhead past the camping area. Very difficult hike and not for the faint of heart…plan for 7-8 hours of hiking.

Coordinates of marker 43.55390,-110.53289

John M. Hoyt Photography Page Added

I knew you couldn’t contain yourself any longer and was dying to know more about my photography hobby so I setup a new page here (see the link up there that says PHOTOGRAPHY? CLICK IT) with a little bit of information.

I’m considering expanding my horizons and taking on projects for potential monetary purposes. I figure I have invested all this money into professional quality gear, I might as well try to become a “professional”.

Though my work has been published in various magazines, ezines, newspapers and newsletters, as well as dozens of people using my shots as their facebook profile pics and banners, that doesn’t make me a professional.  What does?  Besides being paid for what you do, I think it must be the time devoted.

I’ve certainly kicked that time investment up a notch! Spending many hours a week working on the craft, reading about tricks of the trade and then applying them.

My new quest is for actual models, which I have never worked with before. Oh sure, I’ve shot people left and right, but never in an actual “photo shoot”, where everything is planned out in advance, a theme selected, lighting accounted for, location scouted and secured, etc.

I’ll try to post here as we move towards that.  It should be this month (October 2012).

Wish me luck! And thanks so much to my more than patient and supporting family!

Brett Albertson Easley High School Football Player of the Week over on Patch site

Here’s a link to the picture of Brett Albertson, Easley High School Center #75 at the Easley Touchdown Club meeting where he received the “Player of the Week” for his part in the Daniel vs Easley game.

Though credit is given to Jason Evans, actually, Pamela Hoyt was the photographer.

Tonight it’s Easley HS vs Laurens at Easley.  Go Green Wave!

Brett Albertson, Easley football center #75 selected as Scholar-Athlete! #Easley #ProudParents

More Easley Football fun on the blog!

Our son, Brett Albertson, who is the Easley High School Green Wave center, #75, was selected as Glenco Foam / WMYA-40 Scholar-Athlete for the first week of their 2012 program!

Brett’s not just a football player, he’s amazingly smart too!  Guess you can tell we are proud of him!

At the end of the season, they will select a student to receive a scholarship prize. Sure would be awesome if Brett were to be chosen!

Next up, determining what university has the most to offer Brett…  So far, he has been invited as a recruit to Furman and Citadel. Brett is interested in engineering, so both of these schools have something other than football as a draw.  Admittedly, Citadel is has an edge regarding their school of engineering.

Any thoughts or comments?

A busy week for our boy, Brett Albertson, EHS Center #75

Recruit Brett Albertson at Furman University vs Coastal Carolina Game

Brett with Mom (Pamela Hoyt)

No rest for our son, Brett…

For those who don’t know, he’s the center for the Easley High School varsity football team, so it goes without saying that his week is filled with excitement, from the normal workout and practice routine, to the Friday night games, in addition to the weekly academic grind.

However, over the last week, Easley has played a major rival team (Wren), which Easley dominated 48-13, and earlier on Friday, Brett and Pamela attended the Easley Touchdown Club meeting where Brett was presented with the “Player of the Week” award for the incredible skill he demonstrated at the Daniel game!

On Saturday, August 8th, still exhausted from the Wren game the night before, Brett woke up at 6:30 and headed out to take the ACT, then as soon as he got home, we loaded the car and headed to Furman University where he had been invited to attend the Coastal Carolina game and tour the school as a recruit. In spite of the torrential rains, he stuck it out and had a great time, and learned a bit more about Furman.

Just a week ago, Brett traveled several hours to Charleston, SC to attend a game there as a recruit at the Citidel after playing the night before.

He’s also been interviewed on TV and listed and interviewed as the WMYA MY 40 “Scholar Athlete of the Week” a couple weeks back and we finally received that footage on DVD just the other day. We didn’t get to see it as we were at the game as they aired it, so we had to order it.

BTW: Easley is 4 and 0. You might want to check out a game to see the powerhouse in action.

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